The idea

My life started started with many problems, with most of us it the same story. Everyone in life has problems, it might be big or small, but without it life is meaningless. Now I can say this, after going through various life phases and yes its true. In childhood, everything seems very different and now really want to be a child. These were really golden days, just to wake up, go the school, study enjoy and play. But since childhood, the things around us building us and creating mindset to behave. Mine was started with small village and lower middle class family, going to farm, playing with butterflies, etc. everything was going on but the economic background was creating pressure among me to study more and change the situation. I was one of the top student, but with the family restrictions, I was not mixing up things around. Sometimes, now feels, I have not enjoyed a lot nor done something like great.

It is my first post and not habitual of narrating the things, there might be mistakes in it.